Where creative entrepreneurs get their questions answered.

I Want To Know is a no-fluff, 30-minute weekly podcast to help you grow your audience and business. 

In each episode, host and For The Interested newsletter creator Josh Spector answers three questions from a creative entrepreneur to help them overcome their challenges and accomplish their goals. 

Each answer becomes a 10-minute conversation in which Josh shares advice based on proven strategies he’s used to grow and monetize his audience.

If you’d like to be a guest on I Want To Know, apply at JoshSpector.com/Questions.

Latest Episodes

The Truth About How To Position Your Expertise

Today my guest on the I Want To Know podcast is Alicia Johnson. Alicia helps communities and community-centered organizations prepare, respond, and recover from disast...

Pretty Sure I Just Helped Build An Awesome Brand - Do You Agree?

Today my guest on the I Want To Know podcast is Dennis Geelen. Dennis Dennis is an “accidental solopreneur.” He's literally written the book on that. After more than 2...

Behind-The-Scenes Of My Most Successful Product Ever

Today is a special episode of the I Want To Know podcast. We're going to do something a little different—I’m going to give you a behind-the-scenes look at my most succ...

A PR Pro Reveals How To Get Media Coverage For Yourself

This is a special “Flip the Script” episode! Instead of answering a guest’s questions, host Josh Spector brings on an expert he wants to learn from and asks them three...

How to Align Your Content With Your Offers

Today my guest on the I Want To Know podcast is Danny Gregory. Danny is the author of a dozen bestselling books on art and creativity. As the founder of Sketchbook Sko...

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