Where creative entrepreneurs get their questions answered.

I Want To Know is a no-fluff, 30-minute weekly podcast to help you grow your audience and business. 

In each episode, host and For The Interested newsletter creator Josh Spector answers three questions from a creative entrepreneur to help them overcome their challenges and accomplish their goals. 

Each answer becomes a 10-minute conversation in which Josh shares advice based on proven strategies he’s used to grow and monetize his audience.

If you’d like to be a guest on I Want To Know, apply at JoshSpector.com/Questions.

Latest Episodes

How To Go From Sort-Of Successful To Super Successful

Today my guest on the I Want To Know podcast is Rob Roseman. Rob's a former Las Vegas poker pro, Chicago futures floor trader, and dad to three kids, ages 10, eight, a...

How To Get Clear About Who Your Creations Are For

Today my guest is Stephanie Fuccio. Stephanie is obsessed with podcasting. She's been a creator for six years, has been editing podcasts for clients for three years, a...

How To Build A Thriving Business Around Your Expertise

This is a special I Want To Know “Flip the Script” episode! Instead of answering a guest’s questions, host Josh Spector brings on an expert he admires and asks them th...

The Most Valuable Advice I’ve Given To Creative Entrepreneurs

This week’s episode is a special edition of the I Want to Know podcast. To celebrate the first 25 episodes we've recorded of the podcast, I’ve selected a valuable and ...

How To Optimize Your Creator Business

Today my guest is Tatiana Figueiredo. Tatiana is a community business strategist and the founder of the Business of Community. She helps creators start and scale profi...

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