I Want To Know How To Get More Out Of My Social Media Efforts

Zarna Garg is “one in a billion,” and that's not just the name of her first comedy special, which airs in the spring of 2023. She's also the only Indian mom comedian willing to take on her mother-in-law. Zarna has been profiled as one of the “gutsiest women in comedy” on Apple TV's “Gutsy Women” series. She's currently touring the world with her comedy show. She's the winner of Kevin Hart's “Lyft Comics,” the winner of the 2021 Ladies of Laughter award, and has over a million followers across various social platforms—she's particularly huge on TikTok. Her debut future screenplay, “Rearranged,” won the Top Comedy Feature award at the Austin Film Festival in 2019. The three things Zarna wants to know include: (03:00) Should I post about trending topics (11:05) How to turn social media followers into newsletter subscribers (22:10) How to convince brands to pay to reach your audience
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I Want To Know How To Get More Out Of My Social Media Efforts
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