I Want To Know What Jane Friedman Knows

This is a special “Flip the Script” episode! Instead of answering a guest’s questions, host Josh Spector brings on an expert he admires and asks them three questions. Today's guest is Jane Friedman. Jane has spent nearly 25 years working in the book publishing industry with a focus on helping authors succeed in the business. She reports on publishing trends in her email newsletter, The Hot Sheet, for an audience of more than 2,200 paid subscribers. Her latest book is “The Business of Being a Writer” from the University of Chicago Press. The three things Josh asked Jane Friedman are: (02:05) Should authors self-publish their book or pursue a traditional publisher? (13:20) 3 keys to self-publishing success (22:33) How to decide if you should write a book
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I Want To Know What Jane Friedman Knows
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