I Want To Know What Amanda Natividad Knows

This is a special “Flip the Script” episode! Instead of answering a guest’s questions, host Josh Spector brings on an expert he admires and asks them three questions. Today’s guest is Amanda Natividad. Amanda is a creator and marketer who helps people do better organic marketing. She's currently VP of Marketing for SparkToro, the maker of audience research tools. She also teaches a content marketing course called Content Marketing 201, and she writes a twice monthly creative newsletter called The Menu. Marketing is actually her third career—she was previously a test kitchen cook and tech journalist. You can find her on Twitter @amandanat. The three questions Josh Spector asked Amanda Natividad are: 1. How do you approach Twitter day-to-day? (02:15) 2. What are your best tips to explain a complicated topic through content or marketing? (15:46) 3. Five-Minute Journalism School: Key journalism skills for non-journalists. (23:04)
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I Want To Know What Amanda Natividad Knows
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